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English Subbed New Kyoto Arc

Here is the YouTube link for an English subbed version of the new RK anime, Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto Hen - Part 1, that had a limited release in Japanese theaters in Dec. 2011 and was released in Japan on dvd in March 2012. At this date there is no English subtitled dvd for sale, period, and no dvd that is formatted to be played on N. American dvd players. So this fan-subbed YouTube version is the only 'game in town'. Many thanks to the subber!

pic#72881732 Flower Garden

Himura_gumi is officially on hiatus

This historical cannon Ruroni Kenshin rpg is now on hiatus. Someday, if we get a hankering to write more for a Meiji era Rurouni Kenshin rpg, we may return and start up again. (I will probably keep posting some information about new RK anime, manga and live action in this ooc journal from time to time.)

But for now, if you are interested in a future era, alternate universe Rurouni Kenshin rpg please visit us at Gumi_Reloaded (http://gumi-reloaded.dreamwidth.org/).

The Gumi_Reloaded profile page has a link to the Gumi_Reloaded application page, if you are interested in applying for a character.
pic#72881732 Flower Garden

More RK Live Action

Sharon sent this link to some pics from the RK live action that is now filming. (Thanks *so much* for sharing this, Sharon!)


Here is a link to the article (in Japanese)

If I understand correctly it will be released Aug 25, 2012 and there are plans for worldwide distribution, so hopefully those who are interested can eventually find a dvd to buy.