takanimegumi (takanimegumi) wrote in gumi_ooc,

School and Travel Notices

Just so you all know, I'm headed back to school as of Wednesday.

Apparently my last go around with college (History / Vocal Performance) isn't quite as applicable to finance as I would like it to be, so I am cranking out a Bachelor's in International Business Management as quickly as I can. While I am sure that this will be good for me in the long run (assuming I don't go nucking futs in the process) I may be slightly delayed in responding for the next week or so as I try to get an idea of what the additional work load is going to be.
Also, as a heads up. I'll be traveling for work during the weeks of Sept. 19-24, October 17-22 and won't be available.

If you have plotting and planning that you want to do - send an email to mightymightymunson@yahoo.com or respond to this thread and I'll get back with you ASAP.

I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to get to write with and learn from you all. This is such a great experience and I sincerely appreciate your friendship and the awesome characters you write about.

Sincerely Yours,
Jenn M.

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